Black Friday 2017 TV Predictions - 4K TVs with Smart Features Will See Deep Discounts

Black Friday 2017 TV Predictions - 4K TVs with Smart Features Will See Deep Discounts


Read all about our Black Friday TV predictions for 2017 and find the best deals on smart TVs, 4K, and UHD TVs from top retailers.

When you think of the words “Black Friday,” the first product that should pop into your head is a big screen TV. One of the staple items of any popular Black Friday sale is a great TV deal. Getting a hot Black Friday TV deal is one of the main reasons why some people go as far as to camp outside of the store to be first in line each year. In recent years, hot deals and even doorbusters have been available online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, making the in-store rush less necessary. However, some in-store only deals will still be offered, so be sure to check the ads when they come out and shop online early on Thanksgiving Day to get your next TV deal before it sells out!

The best way to predict what will be offered this year is by referring to hot deals offered during Black Friday last year. This can tell us which stores will offer the best deals and what price range to expect for each TV size. We have included predictions based on our analysis of both popular brands and less popular brands, 1080p and 4K resolution, and Smart features with an emphasis on the overall lowest prices. This will help you find a comparable TV as those listed below for an expected price range that fits within your budget.

32” TVs

The lowest price for a TV last year was $69.99 for an Avera 32” 720p HDTV (listed here, brand name not listed). You can expect to find 32” TVs from select off brands starting around the same price range for 2017. While the lowest price TV deal available this year will likely be available from Amazon, it’s not clear yet which brand will be offered. You can expect to see 32” 720p TVs under $100 while smart TVs will start from around $160. If you are finding 32” TVs offered for over $100 without smart features, it may be a good idea to buy a cheaper 40” screen. The most popular 32” TV last year was a Samsung 32” Smart HDTV (shown above) for $188 at Walmart, which we can expect to see again this year.

40” TVs

The next popular size up from 32” is a 40” screen. The best price that was offered and the most popular deal was this 40” 1080p LED HDTV from Hisense or Element for $125 at Walmart. We can expect to see this deal again from Walmart and similar doorbusters from Best Buy, Target, and Amazon. Much like with the 32” prediction, the lowest price comes from an off-brand and does not include smart features, which can be expected from every TV size offered. The most popular smart TV was this Samsung 40” LED Smart HDTV (shown above) for $248 at Walmart.

For TVs larger than 40”, you can expect to see deals starting at $149.99 up to $199.99 depending on the size and resolution. This 43” Element 1080p HDTV sold for $149.99 at Meijer last year. This 4K 43” Element UHD TV sold for $199.99 at Target. For something a little larger, this Element 48” 1080p HDTV sold for $199.99 at Meijer. We can expect prices in this range to stay about the same, possibly with more 4K options for 2017.

50” TVs

The lowest price we could find for a 50” TV was this Vizio 50” 1080p HDTV for only $199.99 from Meijer, which is a great price for a TV not from an off-brand. This year, you can expect to see prices start from the same price. Walmart’s most popular 50” TV was this Element 50” HDTV for only $225, we expect to see their 50” doorbuster to start from $199.99 to match last year’s best deal.

At this price range, 4K resolution starts to become much more important. While it only slightly smaller than 50”, this Polaroid 49” 4K HDTV (shown above) for $249.99 from Fred Meyer was the lowest price we could find. We predict to see this deal again, possibly as low as $225.00.

55” TVs

Best Buy offered 50% off this Sharp 55” 1080p LED HDTV (shown above) with smart features for only $249.99 making it the lowest price available for a 55” TV last year! It’s unlikely that lower prices will be available on TVs this size, let alone a TV with smart features. The most popular TV deal in any size was this Philips 55” 4K LED HDTV for $298 from Walmart. With a 4K resolution and smart features, it was one of the best values offered on Black Friday. We can expect to see a similar deal again from Walmart. The lowest price on a 55” 4K model with no smart features was this Element 55” 4K HDTV for $279.99 from Meijer.

60” TVs

Prices for big screens have dropped considerably. The lowest price available for a 60” HDTV was this Vizio 60” LED 1080p HDTV for $398 from Walmart. We can expect the lowest price this year to drop even more with prices closer to $300. This Vizio 60” 1080p Smart HDTV for $499.99 at Dell was the cheapest option available with smart features. We can expect to see prices to drop closer to $400 for the best price on a 60” smart HDTV. The cheapest 4K option in 2016 was this Vizio 60” 4K HDTV with SmartCast (shown above) for $589.99 from BJ’s Wholesale, so we can expect to see prices starting from at least $500 for 4K options.

65” TVs

The lowest price for a 65” HDTV was for a Haier 65” 4K Smart HDTV (shown above) for only $549.99 at hhgregg. We can expect Walmart to match the same price this year from a similar brand, possibly closer to $500. Other comparable models from premium brands were closer to $700 or more, which should be a similar price range offered this year for these options.

70” TVs

Prices start to increase quite a bit once you get to the 70” range. The cheapest option on Black Friday last year was at Sam’s Club for this Vizio 70” 4K HDTV (shown above) for $928. That’s a $378 increase for only an additional 5” screen size from the cheapest 65” option, which was also a 4K TV with smart options. If you want to save even more, you can consider the 65” options available and compare the 2017 prices to 70” TVs to make sure you are taking full advantage Black Friday savings.

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