Black Friday 2012 Predictions

Black Friday 2012 Predictions


Black Friday 2012 is over 280 days away but it’s never too early to predict what kind of sale we are expecting to see this upcoming Black...

Black Friday 2012 is over 280 days away but it’s never too early to predict what kind of sale we are expecting to see this upcoming Black Friday. This year we should continue to see HDTVs, tablets, and laptops to be a big hit on Black Friday.
Rumor has is it that the tech giant Apple is planning to release HDTVs this year. We don’t expect new HDTVs from Apple to any type of discount however Apple’s existence in the market could drive other HDTVs prices down even more on Black Friday. This year we expect the 46-inch HDTV 1080p 60hz to go as low as $239, 42-inch to go $189.99 32-inch HDTV would be around $149.99. We believe 3D TVs will also get some sort of price cut however due to the lack of technology (glasses-free 3D TV) we should expect the 3D TV sales to be very similar to last year.
Another popular Black Friday product this year will be tablets, we expect huge price cuts on tablets this year mainly due to the success of Amazon fire which Amazon has it priced at $199. We believe this year Amazon will create another tablet to Amazon Fire’s (potentially with a size of 10-inches) place. Due to the replacement of Amazon Fire, we expect the prices to Amazon fire to go down to $179 while its “big” brother will be priced at $249. For Android users, Asus at CES has announced the release of a 7-inch quad core tablet with android operating system for only $249.99. This year, we’re starting to many manufactures price their tablets aggressively hoping to capture huge sales. We expect 10-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (yes, ICS. When November comes, all android tablets should come with ICS operating system) to be priced at $229.99 while older android (honeycomb) tablets should be priced around $199.99. The low end android (gingerbread) tablets could sell as low as $49.99.
This year is the year of the Ultrabooks. For those who don’t know what ultrabooks are, they are simply laptop that has the size of a MacBook Air. The two (maybe three?) main feature to the Ultrabook is small/portable, fast and pricey! The first PC ultrabook was first introduced back in 2011 at the price starting at $799. This Black Friday, we expect the first generation Ultrabooks to go on sale starting as low as $499. Please do note that the some first generation Ultrabooks do have problems (e.g. Asus Zenbook with their trackpad.) We advise to do some research before buying the an UltraBook. Prices to regular laptops should drop, we expect Intel i3 laptops to dip below $299, as i5 laptops will be around $400 price range. In addition, we also expect Best Buy to have another similar laptop deal as they did in 2011 which was under $180 which actually did well last year.

If we gave you a 50% off coupon to spend on one product on Black Friday 2012, what would you use it on?


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Black Friday 2012 is slowly approaching and it's never too early for some predictions! In 2011, the top Black Friday stores were Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy. However, early last week, Best Buy announced that they will be closing over 50 retail stores throughout the United States. So where will you be shopping this year? To help us prepare for the upcoming Black Friday, fill out a simple survey below and you'll be entered to win a NEW iPad (3rd generation). We will post and update a new survey every week, the more surveys you fill out on, the more chances you have to win. We will post the results of the surveys the following week so you'll know ALL the trends for shopping this Black Friday!
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