When to Expect Black Friday Ads for Walmart, Target, Best Buy & More

When to Expect Black Friday Ads for Walmart, Target, Best Buy & More


BlackFriday.fm staff predicts when Black Friday 2017 ads for top retailers will be posted this year and what to expect!

We can’t believe it’s already September and fall is steadily creeping in, pumpkin spice and all plus, not to mention… the busy shopping season soon to start! We’ve been keeping a close eye on top retailer’s promotions and trends, moreover, our staff combed over last year’s Black Friday sales and ads to provide some forecast and insight onto what you can expect for Black Friday 2017. If you’re like us, working with a small budget but a long gift list this holiday can be rough so look down below for useful predictions and trends to help gauge what kind of offers you’ll be keeping an eye out for this year.

We think these popular Black Friday ads will be posted…

Most retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, for example, are relatively consistent year over year when it comes to the date range they choose to release their Black Friday ads. While most merchants typically release their ad some time on the second week of November, last year, we were caught off guard by Macy’s Black Friday ad leak on October 30 in 2015! They’ve since retreated to releasing that ad mid-November but we can’t help but wonder if they have a few surprises up their sleeve again this Black Friday. Don’t forget that Best Buy also hosted a few flash sale events last year including an Apple Event AND they were among some of the top retailers to jump start their holiday free shipping promotion late October.

As always, our team of writers will keep you updated on any retailers news, especially what they have up their sleeve for holiday promotions, pre-Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday deals and much more.

You can take a look down this article for past Black Friday ad leak dates and that will give you an idea of when to expect a particular store’s ad leak. The easy thing to do would be following BlackFriday.fm on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll keep you updated on any breaking news. You can also sign up for BlackFriday.fm newsletter or download our mobile app for on-the-go reading and browsing.

Walmart Black Friday Ad

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Based on Walmart Black Friday ad scan release dates from the past few years, the retailer will likely release their 2017 ad scan around the same time. Following their trend from last year, Walmart has already released their holiday toy book and launched their layaway program ahead of other competitors!

This year, Walmart will likely release the ad between November 8-11. Walmart will likely take advantage of the shopping momentum that Labor Day and China’s Singles Day (11/11) will rake in.

Target Black Friday Ad

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Similar to Walmart, Target is another major retailer who typically reveal their Black Friday ad some time on the second week of November. See the past release dates below:

This year Target Black Friday 2017 ad will likely make it’s way to us some time between the November 8-10. We anticipate another early access/presale to follow the week after the ad scan is release similar to last year’s “10 Days of Deals” promotion. Again, sales will be available online and in-stores with (no doubt) coupon savings available for all shoppers.

Best Buy Black Friday Ad

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Best Buy keeps their ad release dates up to par with electronic rivals Target and Walmart and we expect no different this year. Best Buy’s past release dates are as follows:

We can expect Best Buy to release their ad scan some time between November 7-10 this year. Keep your eyes and ears out starting as early as November 1st which is when all major retailers launch their Black November deals. Best Buy, in particular, will likely return with their “Black Friday Prices Now” promotion to bring the best of Black Friday prices early into the season so shoppers have more time to save. For those shopping strictly online, you’ll be happy to know that Best Buy was one of the many top retailers to launch free holiday shipping (no minimum) well in the advance of the holiday season last year in late October.

If you’re keeping tabs on Best Buy for the bulk of your electronics shopping this year, we suggest staying tuned into BlackFriday.fm news as early as October. Best Buy generally host a few holiday sale events leading up to Black Friday, usually in the form of flash sales, so don’t miss out!

Kohl's Black Friday Ad

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In the recent years, Kohl’s has been following in most competitor footsteps and release their Black Friday ad some time toward the end of the second week of November. Take a look below:

Based on the past few years, we can expect Kohl’s release their ad between November 8-11. Keep an eye out for an announcement on the rare Kohl’s Black Friday cashback offer of $15 off $50 which will likely come some time mid-October. In following competitor trends, we also anticipate early access Black Friday deals from Kohls.com again early during Black Friday week.

Last year, Kohl’s launched their Black Friday pre-sale early on the week of Black Friday with their classic 15% off coupon discount. (This discount is generally valid on everything at Kohls.com). Keep in mind while you shop that Kohl’s allows all shoppers to stack up to four coupon codes at checkout to maximize your savings year-round. Learn how to stack Kohl’s coupon codes here.

Amazon Black Friday Ad

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The popular e-Commerce retailer typically announce their Black Friday deals and promotion via a press release early on in November. Last year, they made this announcement on November 16. We can expect another early announcement as Amazon debut another round of Black Friday deals week over week leading up to Black Friday. This year, we’re looking forward to the return of early deals via their countdown sale lasting through the entire month and then a round of actual Black Friday Lightning Deals for a week leading up to Black Friday including exclusive Amazon App-only deals.

If Amazon Prime Day is any indicator, we’ll be seeing another wave of deep discounts on Amazon branded items and exclusive coupon code offers for Black Friday alone. You can check out this year’s Amazon Prime Day results, sneak peek deals and further Prime Day details here. A few points of note from this year’s Prime Day sale are the volume of deals that will be exclusive to those who own an Alexa-powered device. Amazon will definitely continue to drive strong offers exclusively for their Alexa users in an effort to drive up Amazon device sales. This year, Amazon app users gets access to watch-now features on early Prime Day deals as well as free giveaways in an effort to encourage app downloads. So if you haven’t yet, download the Amazon app here (iOS or Android) because we have no doubt that app will be a source of hefty savings this holiday season.

Toys R Us Black Friday Ad

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If the last two years are any indication, Toys R Us will hop on the bandwagon and release their Black Friday ad on the second week of November again this year. Past release dates are as follows:

Toys R Us will likely post their Black Friday ad scan some time between November 8-10 this year and bring back the early access to their Black Friday doorbusters as early as mid-November. For additional savings, we recommend looking out for the release of their popular holiday catalog, the Great Big Book of Awesome, which should be released some time around the last week of October.

The catalog will not only show you what’s on every kids’ Christmas wish list this year, Toy R Us also includes a few store coupons you can use to save on your purchase. Online shoppers, Toys R Us has raised their shipping minimum from $19 to $29 but that is still a fairly easy minimum to hit, especially over the holidays.

Macy’s Black Friday Ad

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Based on Macy’s historic ad release dates, this retailer has a penchant for being a wild card. Macy’s Black Friday ad release date fluctuate between late October to mid-November so we suggest checking back on the last week of October for any fresh updates on Macy’s Black Friday news.

We’re going to take a guess and say that Macy’s will most likely aim for end of October to early November for the Black Friday 2017 ad. Last year, along with their ad release, Macy’s also announced their entire Black Friday and Cyber Monday schedule including pre-sale dates and Cyber specials. The department retailer will surely have a set schedule of their holiday promotions ready again this year so stay tuned! If you’re looking to do some early shopping this year, DO check back for news in October. Last year, Macy’s launched one of their famed sale but with a twist. They offered a 30% off rare coupon discount in October for a limited time which was valid on nearly all sitewide deals!

Keep up to date with us as we report on top retailers major holiday updates. Check back for more Black Friday 2017 predictions, Black Friday ad scan releases, retailer holiday promotions and much more. Just visit Black Friday news page or sign up for BlackFriday.fm email updates (see below).

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