Amazon / Best Buy / Toys'R'Us Video Games Sale!

Amazon / Best Buy / ToysRUs Video Games Sale!
Looking to video game deal for yourself or for someone for Christmas? This week, Amazon, Toys'R'Us and Best Buy have attractive deals just in time for Christmas. Amazon and Toys'R'Us has a buy one get one 50% off deal while Best Buy has a Buy 2 get one free on video games $29.99 or more. Amazon's video game deal is very limited as it is buy one get one off select video games while Toys'R'Us and Best Buy sale is open to all video games.  This is one of the best video game deals we've seen in months.
Depending on the number of games you purchase, of the three video game deals, Best Buy has the best deal out of the three. 

        Here is the math, let's say the video game you wanted cost $59.99. 

        Amazon and Toys'R'Us deal is buy one get one 50% which makes it ($59.99 + 29.99 (50% off) =  $89.98 / 2 (number of games         purchased) = $44.99/each) 

        On the other hand, Best Buy has a buy 2 get 1 free game which makes ($59.99 + $59.99 + Free game ($59.99) = $119.98 / 3 (number         of games purchased) = $39.99/each) 

The concept above only works if 2 or 3 games are for the same price. Usually, Amazon, Toys'R'Us and Best Buy will deduct the free or 50% off game to the lowest price game. In addition the prices above does not include tax so that varies depending on your location. We highly recommend getting this as soon as possible as some of the new video games will run out fast.